How We Can Help

We, as a firm, understand your problems, value your perspective and share your values. Our goal is to work hard, excel in our commitment and get the job done for you. We have a team who are experts in the field of proactive planning and crisis planning. We also have people who are experts in working with whistle blowers in order to expose the people who have committed the crimes.

Many people in the country cannot spend on long-term care. Proper Medicaid can be availed only with proper Medicaid planning. It involves using legal strategies according to the individual’s financial requirement. These are split into two categories – Proactive and Crisis Medicaid planning. Proactive Medicaid planning involves planning for future whereas Crisis Medicaid planning refers to the current status of using the savings for long-term care.

We help people in both proactive and crisis Medicaid planning. When an individual is in need of Medicaid benefit, we develop a preservation plan for the whole family.

We also specialize in Medicaid fraud and help whistle blowers to proceed with the case. Most of the Medicaid fraud cases that we encounter fall into the following categories:

  • Billing Fraud: Bills for services not provided to the patient

  • False information for payment: Providing wrong diagnosis in the patient’s record for obtaining payment

  • Upcoding: Billing for an expensive medical procedure than the one actually done

  • Unbundling: Unbundle certain procedures and bill them separately

We help whistle blowers by guiding them through the whole process and help them to deal with every situation they encounter during the case. With years of experience in this field, we can make a special difference in the outcome. We help in investigating the case thoroughly till the case is resolved.

Our dictum is to provide justice and fight for the right people at the right time.